Trajectory of Love

Before I knew God, I experienced a lot of hard and bad things.  Those things affected me in ways that made me angry, bitter, and more selfish.

After I came to know God, I experienced a lot of hard and bad things.  Those things did not cause me to become angry, bitter, or more selfish.  Instead, I have continued on an upward trajectory of love, peace, and joy.

What’s the difference?  Obviously, it’s my fellowship with God.  Hard situations alone do not work for our good, but WITH GOD they do!  When we know God is with us, we have a source of strength when we feel weak.  We have a source of peace and joy when nothing good seems to be happening around us.  We even have a source of Love when people are treating us horribly.

That’s why WITH GOD, we can look back on those experiences with a smile.  In those times, we learned more of God’s goodness and power.  We mark each of those times as a time of empowerment that stays with us to this day.  Each trial has now become a story that we share in order to encourage others.  WITH GOD the darkness has actually resulted in more light!  

No wonder we love God so much, and we just want everyone to taste and see His goodness and power.  WITH GOD we can honestly say:

“We glory in tribulations…” – Romans 5:3

Have a great day Friend, and remember to keep your heart open to the grace that’s always available to us.

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