The Superpower of Weakness

Have you asked God for some weakness lately?  It’s really a great gift (and it’s one we don’t even need to ask for, because we already have it).  It fact, most of us are probably trying to get rid of it.

Don’t despise your weakness!  It’s the portal to power.

Our weakness is where God is joined with us.  His strength is accomplished when we operate in the wonderful liberty of human weakness.  I will explain.

Humility is a powerful thing to have in life.  It allows us to feel comfortable in our own skin.  It frees us from comparisons, thereby relieving the tension and delusions of inferiority.  It resolves conflicts and makes peace, because it doesn’t continue fighting for the upper hand.

Human strength, on the other hand, is often frustrated by its losses.  It always compels us to get better, to get good enough.  It despises our flaws.  It causes pain in others, and it will always justify itself.  Worst of all, it works against God’s grace, because it convinces us that if we try harder we can be “perfect”.  Our strength can look more reliable than God’s Love.

Gentleness vs. strength is another conflict where strength looks more promising, yet never really satisfies us.

The ability to love without demands comes from enjoying our weakness.  We can joyfully accept our inability to control and change people.  Human strength promises that we will be happier if we use our manipulative and intimidating abilities to get what we want.  Grace is not a high priority when we trust that our strength will make us happy.

Humility, gentleness, and Love become our life when we accept our own weakness and rely on God’s gracious care.  We were created to be joined with Him so we can enjoy His Love, His goodness, and His abundance.  Without Him, we are only weak with ambitions of strength and power.  With Him, we gracefully receive and give the goodness of God.

Let’s enjoy the rest that comes from acknowledging our human weakness, and embracing the fruit of the Spirit.  It’s the way that looks weak, but in reality is ever strong.

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”
2 Corinthians 12:9 NLT

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