The Source is With You

In “Star Wars”, they often say, “May the force be with you,” but the true Force, God in us, is always with us, so it’s not something to hope or wish for. 

In fact, we can confidently say, “The SOURCE is with us.” 

Through Jesus, the Holy Spirit was poured into our hearts, and it became a river, or a fountain of heavenly Life moving and flowing from the core of our existence.  Jesus said He would not leave us helpless, and He didn’t.  He gave the very source of all goodness, all joy, peace, and Love. 

This means that we are never really without anything that pertains to life or godliness.  By acknowledging that truth, we can learn to draw from that source of fullness at anytime, especially the hard times.

That’s how we have heaven in an imperfect world.

No more do we have to ask our Father to give us Love.  He’s done it, and we have it.

“God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 5:5

We don’t have to ask for joy, peace, faith, or patience.  We used to ask for them, because we didn’t know we already had them hidden in our heart.  God’s Spirit is truly our superpower!  It’s our secret stash that we can go to when our natural strength, ability, and will power run out.

Have a great day friends!  The Source is with you, always.

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