The Gift of Being Convinced

There comes a time when we become convinced about the true nature of God (who is by far the most misunderstood person there is). The convincing happens when, in spite of our thoughts and imaginations, our mind is won over by the Spirit of Truth who reveals God to us and testifies of Him.

I often speak of the day that I quit. It was the day I realized that I was too weak to do all of the things that I thought God required of me. It was the day Truth flooded into my experience. I became forever convinced of many things that day.

I now know that one can never have full faith and confidence in God if we are not convinced of His goodness and His unconditional Love. When we are won over to that truth, is when we see a God infinitely larger than we thought. We see a Love more total and pure and undemanding than we thought. We begin to experience the feeling of safety and confidence. The wind-tossed sea of our soul calms, and it comes to rest like a glassy lake at sunset. We lose our feeling of need and lack, no matter our station in life. We have stopped fighting the idea of a Love with no conditions, of a God who is and does nothing but good. We have been won over. We have become convinced. We have bowed our knee and said that God is Love, and Love is everything.

Friend, I give you license and permission to look at God in all of His goodness. I give you freedom to have no guilt, no condemnation, and no requirements. We have been given the gift of living loved by God, and also the gift of being convinced.

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