Sealed and Secure

“You were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.” -Ephesians 1:13

The word “sealed” means: to stamp or mark for security or preservation (Strong’s G4972)

During the pandemic, governments imposed “lockdowns”, requesting that people stay home in order to keep them, and others, safe from a potentially dangerous virus.

I couldn’t help but think of the biblical passover, when God required the Israelites to stay in their homes, while the blood of a lamb marked them for security and preservation as the plague passed by.

The blood of the Lamb has been applied to our hearts, and we are under the Holy Spirit’s life-giving, keeping power. We are set apart, sanctified, separated to Him. We are living forever, and we are safe in God’s love and care. There is tribulation in the world, but Jesus has overcome it for us, and we can, right now, enjoy our life, celebrate it, and rejoice!

Friend, we want to remind you that real life is about what (and Who) is in us. Our peace and joy come from inside us, not from the outer situation. We are noticing the goodness that is happening, and we know that whatever we must deal with, and however we must deal with it, we are not alone, not without amazing help, and we are bigger than this situation. It is not bigger than we are with God in us!

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