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Love With No Conditions, A Collection of True Stories


This is a collection of true stories by various people we interact with as we travel whose lives have been impacted by the unconditional love of God. It is a book that reveals the astounding love of God at work in the midst of the mundane and every day challenges of life. In these pages you will find stories of people facing broken relationships, addictions, new businesses and new pets, as well as simply daily surprises. Life will always bring with it trials, both big and small, yet the unconditional love of God brings peace amidst the storms. We can find encouragement and mind renewal when our attention is redirected onto practical examples of how God's love manifests in the dailiness of life. These stories highlight a beautiful awareness that the God kind of love bring rest, confidence and security and inspires us to step outside our habitual routines and systems and ways of thinking. They are snippets of heaven on earth. 

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