“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased!” – Luke 2:14

Peace on earth has come.  The Greek word used in the New Testament is eirene, which means to join, or to set at one again.  It’s a reconciliation that gives us rest and wholeness.

This peace, or oneness, is a very powerful thing that brings heaven to three dimensions of our lives.  It results in peace with God, peace with ourselves, and peace with others. 

Peace with God has come because God and sinner are reconciled in Christ.  His Spirit is not striving with man.  He is not taking account of our sins.  God’s saving grace has revealed a Love that’s bigger than our mind can define.  We just know that it’s a Love with no conditions.  We now know that God is absolute Love, and nothing we do can ever change who He is. 

Peace with our self comes when our soul, or mind comes into agreement with the Spirit who always tells us the truth.  He is always loving and comforting us.  When our thoughts are set at one with Him, the conflict inside of us stops.  We have peace of mind and heart.  We are comfortable in our skin, because God loves us and is pleased.

Peace with others comes when we realize that we have no enemies.  That we are the friend of sinners, and that God draws no line of partition between any people of the earth.  He doesn’t see the dividing lines that humans see.  When we see with our Christ-heart.  We are in love with those whom God loves.  Oneness with God causes oneness with mankind.  We are at peace.

Peace on earth is here.  It’s in our hearts.  It has begun in me.  How about you?

“Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end.” – Isaiah 9:7

May God’s peace be with you!

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