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Join us for E-Chuch Live on Facebook Live Video most Tuesday evenings at 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain, and 6pm pacific. (We say MOST Tuesday evenings because depending on our travel schedule, we may or may not be able to broadcast away from home.) 

E-Church Live is a fun, interactive, encouraging time to spend together with others from around the globe, talking about the Word of God and the revelation of God's love and grace towards you. It's an opportunity for you to hear good news, ask questions, participate in the discussions, receive prayer, and/or minister to others during this 45-minute broadcast. 

You can simply listen or engage as much as you'd like. To take part in our live broadcast, simply follow Rick on Facebook and you will get a notice when he starts the live broadcast on Tuesday evenings. Tune in 9pm eastern and we'll have some fun. See you then!

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Love - Not a Tool, but a Way of Life

Weakness, the Only Way to be Strong

The Fallacy of Being in the Process

Relationship or Rules

Resting in the Automatic

Previous e-church recordings on YouTube:

Promise or Premise

Are you living on a promise of something in the future, or are you living on the premise that all is done in Christ. As a believer, you are already blessed and living in the Spirit. Abundance is all around and there is no lack. The truth will make you free.

Legalities vs. Realities

Righteous., spotless, perfect and complete are not just legal terms in God's heavenly courtroom. If anyone is in Christ he is made new. The terms are not legalities. They are descriptions of who you really are. When the Christian finally knows this, absolute Love and godliness become as automatic as breathing.

Judas and Grace

Take heed what you hear. Both Judas and Peter made horrible mistakes. One went to the legalists and left hopeless. One went to the place where Jesus was revealed. Blessed are those who hear the joyful sound!

The Spirit Soul Marriage

Ephesians 5 speaks of Christ and us in a marriage.  He is the Spirit in us, and He is the husband. We (our souls, or minds) are the bride.  When they disagree, it is like a marriage in disarray. Heaven on Earth is the unity of our mind and Spirit.

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