Let’s talk about that poor, misunderstood word in the Christian language: obedience.  It somehow carries a connotation of drudgery and sacrifice, when in fact, it’s not a sacrificial act at all.  The Bible even shows the difference between the two, stating that, “Obedience is better that sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22).

I’ve often heard people speak of obeying God as if it was usually a hard and dreadful thing to do.  It’s true that, we may be led by the Spirit to do something we wouldn’t have thought of, but we know deep down, that He is simply helping us to move into something heavenly for us.

I’ve noticed that the Spirit leads always for our good.  He leads us to act in ways that lead to peace and goodness in our souls.  He leads us in directions that lead to blessing for ourselves as well as for others.  He leads us to humility, forgiveness, and graciousness toward others, and that is a wonderful place to be.  Knowing this helps us to naturally respond to His sweet leading.  His ways become our ways.

It’s amazing that, as we get to know the Father’s heart more, we seem to take on that same heart.  By that, I mean that we start to feel what He feels, and we come to know more of what He knows. 

It’s truly an almost effortless change.  That is the kind of obedience that is powered by the Spirit.

Have a great day, friends.  We believe in you!

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