Love is Perfection

My first sermon was titled “Love is Perfection”.  Forty years later, that is still my message. There is just nothing better. I have been blessed to spend my life telling good news about the heart and power of God. I’ve seen it heal and encourage countless souls.

You don’t survive the ministry by yourself. There can extreme highs, but also extreme lows. It’s mostly very rewarding, but it can hurt your heart as you deal with people. There is always more to do, so your soul can get exhausted and you might sometimes lose your way. By God’s grace and the people in my life, I have been able to continue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few of those people.

Of course, my (now deceased) wife, Teresa. She sacrificed so much in the early years to support my dream of the ministry. She moved around the country with me. An unselfish wife is a necessity for a married minister, and she certainly was that. Thank you, Teresa.

John Alley was the pastor who saw my potential and took me under his wing. I was not long off of the streets. He gently encouraged me toward humility, grace, and faith in God. I eventually served as his associate pastor.

John and Marie Jenkins were my right hand for the many years that I was a pastor. They were loyal, hard-working, and someone to confide in.

Roberts Liardon was in my life at a very important time. He was gracious, kind, and encouraging when I felt like quitting. 

Judi is the woman that God had prepared to walk the rest of the way with me. She is my precious wife, and she wants nothing more than for me to be happy and do what I want to do. Thank you, Judi.

Obviously, these are just a few of many people who have contributed to my well-being in this life, but these were there in the monumental times in my memory. Yet I could never begin to name all of the people who have supported and encouraged me with friendship, counsel, and financial support over the years. The Lord has been good in bringing precious people into my life. I would say they are the greatest treasure God has given me. I am thankful. None of these people are perfect, but God’s love in our lives is perfect, and that’s what we trust and rejoice in.

Why don’t you take a few minutes to look back and be thankful for the people that helped get you to the place you are now? Thankfulness is a powerful thing. It seems to make everything better, inside and out.

Have a great day, Friend. We believe in you!

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