Love Is Increasing

Something wonderful is happening in many hearts today.  I’ve wanted to see it for years.  We are truly taking on our Father’s heart.  We are learning His ways, and we are starting to act and think in accordance with His nature. 

God is Love.

It’s beautiful to see how we are falling more in love with God, and the objects of his Love, namely people.  They are truly His special treasure.

Rather than “calling fire down” on lost humanity, we are becoming the best friend of sinners.  We have no condemnation to give.

We are losing our fear and hate, because Love and peace are increasing. 

What’s going on?  Jesus is showing up!  He is showing up through us.  He is leading this world in a revolution of absolute Love, starting with whosoever will just let God love them.

While we may not see it in the majority of the church world yet, it is happening, and it will increase and grow like a mustard seed.  A little one will become a thousand.  I, for one, am extremely excited to watch the dough rise.  God’s heart in us can only make this world better.  We are the salt and the light in this world.

God is Love.

Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end!” – Isaiah 9:7

We love you!

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