Let the Good Grow

Just a thought from the parable of the wheat and tares…
My main takeaway is that we can damage the growth of good things (wheat) by focusing on getting rid of bad things (tares). That’s why legalism actually does damage.

“Sinful desires were at work within us, and the law aroused these evil desires that produced a harvest of sinful deeds, resulting in death.” – Romans 7:5

It’s easy to see what’s wrong with us, with the world, and especially with others. It doesn’t take a spiritual giant to see these things. It only takes one good eye and a carnal mind to focus on it.

When snakes were biting the Israelites of Moses’ day, God didn’t tell them to watch out for snakes, He told them to look up and be healed.

When we acknowledge the good, we are truly caring for our field. Jesus said the field is the world, and if you look out at this wheat field, it’s beautiful. People are hurting and angry, but if you have eyes to see, you see beautiful objects of God’s love.
Let’s let the good grow. Let’s nurture this field with love, grace, and patience. Let’s do this with ourselves and with others. It’s so much fun and pleasant to look past the flaws of people, and be a builder, a waterer, an encourager.

“Love does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong.” – 1 Corinthians 13:5

Also, please be patient and gracious toward yourself. You are growing. Let the good grow, and the rest will fall away.

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