How to Flood Your House

“He who believes in Me… out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” ~ John 7:38

Have you ever left a faucet running in your home?  I’ve left the outside faucet on, and flooded the yard.  I’ve also left the bathtub faucet running while it overflowed into the house.  We know that a home faucet, if left open, will never stop flowing on its own.  It’s coming from a seemingly endless supply of water that is MORE than enough for your needs. The only thing that stops it is a closed valve.

Think of Christ in you, the Holy Spirit, God Himself living in your heart.  He is the endless supply of Life, Light, and Love.  That Life will flood your house (soul and body) if you don’t stop it.

I have good news for the thirsty soul!  We can’t, and don’t make the Living Water come out.  It’s always flowing toward us, and we CAN open the valve and let it flow abundantly into our lives.  The key is submission.

Submission is not hard work. Actually, it is both passive and permissive.  It simply says, “Let it be.”  It’s when you decide to just let God love you as you are.  It’s when you quit trying to get blessed, and let blessing and goodness just come to you because God is good, and He’s already put the blessing in you.  His indwelling Spirit has come for the purpose of pouring Himself into you.

“If anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will never thirst again and be forever satisfied! For when you drink the water I give you it becomes a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit, springing up and flooding you with endless life!” ~ John 4:14 TPT

I hope this little nugget helps you to enjoy the love, joy, and peace that you have within.  Let it flow.  Let it be.  And drink it in!

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