His Name

And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God … (Isaiah 9:6, NKJV)

As Christmas approaches, we think about the gift of Jesus to this beautiful but broken world. He came offering something better for man. Something better than following a list of rules. Something better than being coerced, condemned and pressured to act a certain way. That something better was the God-kind of LOVE. It is a love that is bigger than our human capacity. It is a love that can handle those set against it. It’s a love that eats up the darkness in its path. It is a love that knows the natural realm must always bow to the Spiritual. It is not tempted to gaze only on the natural, but is anchored in a spiritual kingdom.

In our last newsletter, we wrote about the names WONDERFUL and COUNSELOR from the prophecy found in Isaiah 9. When we hear the name MIGHTY GOD, we may initially imagine a strong human leader. Someone who is undefeated by the best and strongest armies. Someone with great charisma and power and intellect. They’ll solve all our problems and force the bad guys out so only the good guys will remain.

But the MIGHTY GOD we know is mighty in LOVE. He so LOVED the world and everyone in it that He came to give a simple gift. Himself. If you want Him, He is there for you. He won’t coerce you or shame you or try to make you feel bad to get you to follow Him. He simply offers Himself as a way to lead you into a rich and fulfilling LIFE, which starts on the inside. He is adept in guiding you, reminding you, helping you, empowering you. He is a part of you and you are a part of Him. What kind of leader does this? Jesus. An unafraid, generous, kind, WONDERFUL king.

Jesus is our King. He is our Mighty God. He does not work according to the natural ways. He calls us to a higher operation than simply the natural. He opens the door to miracles, to beyond what we can do or think within our own natural resources. He is mighty beyond the carnal. Knowing Him causes a powerful rest in our souls. What a lovely gift He has given us!

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