Hijackings Cause Stress and Anger!

Remember when you became angry and said or did some things that you later regretted? It wasn’t the devil that did that, it was the amygdala. You were the victim of what is called “amygdala hijacking”.

The amygdala is a tiny part of the most primal part of the brain. All animals have it. It’s mostly used for sensing and reacting to danger. It’s the “fight or flight” part of the brain that makes a deer run when it hears a stick snap, or fight when it is cornered. It’s a very basic survival and protective mechanism.

We normally process problems in the more highly developed portions of our brain, but sometimes when we feel threatened the amygdala jumps in to protect us before we can use our better intelligence.

Most of us are not physically threatened often, but we may feel psychologically threatened. Financial issues cause the amygdala to release stress hormones, changing our normal reactions. We hear something offensive and lash out in retaliation. We fear what’s going on in world affairs and become angry and verbally assault humans of a different opinion than ours. These are examples of amygdala hijacking. This is the operation of the natural human way, the carnal mind. It’s sensual and earthly on the lowest level.

“For the mind of the flesh is death; but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace.” – Romans 8:6

Spiritual-mindedness operates from Love and understanding, patience, gentleness, kindness, joy… all that is produced by the perfect Spirit in us. This is our true nature, and the Spirit is changing our ways. My amygdala doesn’t hijack me much anymore. I haven’t punched a hole in a wall in a long time. I notice that I don’t feel threatened or offended as easily as I once did.

“Love does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” 1 Corinthians 13:5

Jesus has arrested the hijacker! He has given us security and Love that casts out fear (1 John 4:18). The animal-like nature doesn’t dominate us like it once did. Thank you Holy Spirit! You’ve made life wonderful!

“So then, my brothers, you can see that we have no particular reason to feel grateful to our sensual nature, or to live life on the level of the instincts. Indeed that way of living leads to certain spiritual death. But if on the other hand you cut the nerve of your instinctive actions by obeying the Spirit, you are on the way to real living.” – Romans 8:12-13 JBP

Have a great day, guys. I believe in you!

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