Health and Prosperity

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

This prayer is from John, the disciple who knew Jesus loved him. He was convinced of Jesus’ good thoughts and feelings toward him. He was at rest in that love. Because he was secure, he could impart that type of life to those around him, and to us today.

A life of prospering doesn’t necessarily mean just having an abundance of money. There are lots of poor people who have large sums of money. They have cash but are constantly searching for ways to end the emptiness they feel inside. And there are people with little financial means, who are generous and gracious and giving in ways money can’t dictate. It’s all within the heart.

Being in health is a precious treasure and a blessing that Jesus clearly valued. He went about healing all who needed it. Many believed they were sick because they were being punished by God. In a fallen world, where the freedom to choose for or against God exists, sickness abounds. It is a natural result of the Fall. In healing the sick and oppressed, Jesus demonstrated that the Father’s heart was good towards them.

From before the foundation of the world, our loving Father had a plan of redemption for us that would rescue us from these kinds of wrongly held beliefs. Did you ever notice that in healing a sick person, Jesus would often forgive them of their sins? Why did He forgive sins instead of just fixing their body? The inner impacts the outer. Forgiveness of sins puts a person at rest. There is nothing being held against them. Nothing harsh or demanding expected of them. They are simply loved. As they are in
that very moment. As a result, health is automatically received.

Our soul (personality, mind, thinking) prospers when we understand just who we are in Christ. The lust to fill that God-shaped hole in each of us doesn’t end when we have a certain amount of money or a healthy body or even a wise mind. Lust is only conquered by being full. And you, Mary, are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God (see Ephesians 3:19). Everything you will ever need is gifted to you in Jesus. When you realize the treasure you have been given in Jesus, you become the wealthiest person in the room regardless of what your bank account tells you. You become the healthiest person in the room regardless of the what your body indicates or a doctor may say.

This is not about ignoring a physical reality. It’s that you are resting in the assurance that you have the guidance of a loving, caring Holy Spirit within you, comforting and guiding you into all truth. The best position to be in to hear the Holy Spirit is a position of rest.

So… rest in your forgiveness today (all your sins: past, present, and even future ones have been forgiven in the body of Jesus on the Cross).

Receive His unlimited love for you (He loves you with an everlasting love).

Embrace your uniqueness (you are fearfully and wonderfully made).

Listen for the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit as you rest, knowing you have been extravagantly gifted with everything you need in Christ Jesus. You are cherished!

In the meantime, we pray that you prosper in all things, and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

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