God Has No Enemies

I was thinking today about how God treats me, how He is always gentle, patient, kind, and unselfish. Then I thought of how His behavior toward me has changed my behavior, first toward Him, and then toward people. It became harder for me to hate, to condemn, and to be angry with others.

Wow. I was becoming more and more Christ-like. I was beginning to treat other people the way God was treating me, as if they were wonderful enough for God, and myself, to love without any demands.

Before I knew of God’s grace and unconditional goodness toward me, I used to “take stands” for Jesus. This meant that I would voice opposition to the “enemies” of God who had agendas that were not in line with Christianity.

The truth is, God has no enemies. He loves them all without expectation. He is for them all. Through the work of Jesus, He graciously and charitably took care of any requirements we deemed necessary. There are no demands!

Now, we get to BE Christ to a world that is fighting over bones. We have what is needed. We don’t offer another loud opinion. We offer, with an open hand, a love so powerful that it brought forth the beauty of planet earth.

I love that we get to represent another kingdom, a perfect kingdom, with a perfect King, whose power is in His nature – absolute Love.

Let’s remember who we are, and what really makes us different from those suffering in the darkness of neediness. Let’s have fun being the love-giving Christ to these wonderful people with whom we share the planet.

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