Fight Fairness with Goodness

I remember feeling awfully disrespected in a group gathering once.  It seemed that someone decided that I was not as important as another in the group, so I was persuaded to give up my very comfortable room and take the worst facilities available.

Of course, my first reaction was to protest, but I didn’t want things to get ugly, so I quickly decided to bite my lip and keep the peace.  Later, as I lay on the small and hard bed, I wrestled with what I should do.  Was I being gracious and giving, or was I just being a chump because I was easy?

As I thought on it more, anger was rising in me.  I didn’t mind giving if it was my idea, but I despised it being taken from me.  I wrestled with the idea of fairness and respect.  Surely God didn’t want me to be a doormat.  Do I at least confront this person, or do I let it go?

I prayed.  I asked my Father to give me clarity on the situation.  Soon, I began to get this wonderful feeling.  I can only describe it as a feeling of “bigness”.  I didn’t feel small.  Though I may have been disrespected, I didn’t feel the pain of it.  Rather than needing fairness in a world where it hardly exists, I felt that I could be MORE than fair, especially since God was much more than fair to me. 

I felt big inside, big enough to give anything.  I would joyfully demonstrate graciousness, love, and peace.  It was as if God had taken away the power of anyone to hurt me or make me feel small.  I truly felt love and understanding for the person who had offended me, because my spiritual sight had cleared.  I was happy, and I was tickled at the idea of being joyful and loving in this situation.  I embraced it as a wonderful adventure.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to talk things out with those we are in conflict with, and confrontation can be a good thing, especially when done with love.  However, my point here is that God has a way of making us bigger than any situation we encounter.  He enlarges our heart so that we never really get the short end of anything.  We don’t need to step on others, because we get our joy from the only true source of joy.

Friend, we have already won with God.  Whenever we feel small or boxed in, we just ask Him to help us see clearly.  When we see how it really is, our hearts swell with overflowing goodness.  His grace is sufficient for us.

Have a great week.  We believe in you!

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