Diet Culture

Recently in a bible study, Judi was talking about how the diet culture is wrought with failures, how diets are based on pure will power.  If it fails, the blame falls all on the person desperately trying to live up the standard of the program.  Any success is not sustained, because the body simply can’t operate correctly with those restrictions.

The truth is that the person did not fail.  It was the diet that failed. It’s the same with all of the world’s systems.  They set us up for ultimate failure when we trust in them, because their strength is dependent on our strength, which is simply not unlimited.  It will eventually find its ceiling.

Adam and Eve followed a system, the knowledge of good and evil, that doomed them to failure.  Rather than choosing life, which comes freely from God as our source, humanity chose a system that has only an illusion of power.

The Apostle Paul worked that system well in the religious realm, but he revealed that it never accomplished what he was hoping for.  He didn’t fail.  That system failed him.  It could do nothing BUT fail.  That’s why Jesus came to show us, and give to us, the system that cannot fail.  It’s the way of rest for our souls.  It’s totally based on God’s ability not our own, and this system, or kingdom, or way of living, has never failed.  Love never fails, and that is what we receive when we believe in the good news about a free gift of life.  It’s a life that provides something, rather than demands something from us.

I have good news, Friend.  You are not a failure in any way.  This world has failed you and me both, but that is why we have ditched the ways that fail, and we now enjoy a new and living way!

I love that Jesus came to give us Life, and His gift has taken the pressure and responsibility off of us.  That’s a system that works even for me.

Have a great day!

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