It had been a while since I’ve read 1 Corinthians 13 in the old King James Version. I guess it was mostly because it used the word “charity” instead of the word “love”.
“Charity” seemed like such a weak and limited way to express the God kind of love that the original Greek language implies; but last week, the Holy Spirit reminded me how powerful charity is.

Charity is giving without demanding or expecting anything in return. It is totally unselfish. It cares only about what it wants another to have. This describes God’s love for all of us! He demands no action, no repayment, no praise, nor even devotion. He just gives. Period.

“Charity… seeketh not her own…” – 1 Corinthians 4,5

Of course it often receives an affectionate response. It certainly has from me. We love Him not because He demands it, but because we’ve found that He just loves us first.
Please don’t ever feel condemned, or feel that you’re not doing enough for God. He’s demanding nothing from you. You are here simply to receive His love, His goodness, and His abundance. A full heart of His goodness causes us to overflow with goodness toward a world that needs His, and our, love.

Have a great day, guys. We believe in you!

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