Can I Ever Measure Up?

In Christianity, we often hear about living a “godly standard” or “holy standard”. It sets up a goal for us that ends up being a never-ending quest for a mythical perfection. No matter how our life changes for better, the goal keeps moving, and we never really feel any nearer than before. Humans of every stripe and creed automatically set standards of measurement for themselves and others. This began in the Garden of Eden when we chose to make it all about ourselves instead of God, who is our true source of fullness and completion. These standards are all man-made, and will even change with the fickleness of temporal-minded people. For instance, our clothes are up to date until the styles change… four times a year.

We measure ourselves against others, which makes us feel either inferior or superior. Neither is good. We measure success, usually by superficial standards. We measure our doctrine or group against others. These are all just exercises in futility.

Try measuring Jesus. You will find that He’s big enough to make you perfect and complete. He’s good enough to be the supply of all that your heart desired. He’s enough to make you spotless, holy, acceptable, and lovable.

“Obsession with self in these matters is a dead end. Attention to God leads us out into the open, into a spacious free life.” Romans 8:6 MSG

Can we ever measure up in our performance? The answer is “no”, and it’s wonderful to know that.

Do I ever have to measure up? The answer is “no”, and it’s wonderful to know that.

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