Best Friend

We’ve been sharing in meetings recently about how and why God is really your best friend, and how the real power of living is found in knowing God, the person.
If we just consider that His Love is absolute, that it does not compare to human love, (not even close); then we are on our way to enjoying a friendship with God that is better than we ever thought possible.

Absolute Love actually goes beyond human comprehension, just like absolute cold is more than the mind can imagine. Absolute cold is calculated at 460 degrees Fahrenheit. It contains absolutely no heat, while 30 below zero contains some heat, and is relatively hot when compared to absolute cold.

In the same way, God’s Love for you is pure. It’s deeper and larger than you can fathom. It’s so big that it can never run out. It can love through anything. When we see how great His love is, we can easily believe that He can love someone as weak and foolish as we are.

What a Love! What a gift! What a wonderful relationship we have! He truly is our very best friend, and we know that wants our best, knows what is best for us, and He knows how to get it done. We Love Him, because He loves us so well.

We pray you get an even bigger and clearer revelation of God’s Love for you. Oh, it’s going to get good!

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