Activate Your Freedom

Thank you for trusting Christ with your life. Because you have done this, you have within you what God wanted for you all along. Not only have you been given everything you need for life and godliness, you have a Counselor, an Encourager, a loving Holy Spirit within you, leading and guiding you in all truth. This is the best position to be in as you encounter life as we know it in this fallen world.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

Did you know that it’s TRUTH that makes you free? Not you doing certain things. [It’s not about you.] It’s about Jesus and what HE has done. And He has finished the work.

What happened at the Cross, in Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension into heaven, shows you the truth: Christ married you [joined with you] while you were yet in sin and death. You know that you have been joined with Him, that you have died with Him, and that you are now raised with Him, seated above all the problems this life may bring. You know your identity now includes all that Jesus was and is. This is not positive thinking. This is not mind games. This is indeed the truth Jesus came to earth to give us.

Knowing the truth about Jesus is what activates your FREEDOM.

Freedom from being offended by people, being controlled by people, being a victim, an addict or a failure. You get to experience the overwhelming freedom of what it’s like to walk as Jesus did, surrounded by sinners, the sick, the poor, the rich, the Pharisees and everything in between… yet not be overtaken by it. What was inside of Jesus was simply greater than the outer circumstances.

Likewise, what is inside of you is much greater than your outer circumstances.

So let’s celebrate as we grow more and more in awareness of truth. We love you. We can’t speak enough about the goodness of God, the unconditional love of God, what He actually accomplished on the cross in Jesus’ death and resurrection because we are convinced that as we know the truth, we cannot help but grow and walk in freedom.

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