You Are Loved With An Everlasting Love

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the
Lord, who has compassion on you. (Isaiah 54:10)

We believe this one truth may perhaps be the most important thing we
ever come to learn on this earth: that we are 100% loved and cherished
by our Creator.

God’s love for you cannot be shaken. It simply cannot fail. There is
nothing you can do or not do to separate you from the agape love of
God. It is that BIG. It is that extravagant. He has made a covenant [an
agreement that brings about a relationship of commitment] with you,
through Jesus, to give you a peace. This precious peace sustains us in a
world that has fallen for a lesser existence.

Take time today to think on the great love God has for you: His patience
towards you, how He sees the best in you, how He keeps no record of
your wrongs. He is kind towards you. He always perseveres. He never fails
you. This kind of love puts you at rest. It establishes a peace that enables
you to bear the trials and tribulations that this life sometimes brings. It is
always there to protect you, to strengthen you, to encourage you.
Your Father is looking at you with compassion. Just think of when we
were dead in trespasses and sin, He looked upon us and had compassion
for us. He so loved us that He gave us the most priceless gift: JESUS. He
didn’t send Jesus to condemn us, but rather to save us.

You are deeply loved.
You are treasured.

And because of this, you are needed in this world.
Get it deep in your heart! You are loved with an everlasting love! Let this
truth seep into your spirit today.

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